Better Housing

We need smart, forward-thinking policies that increase home ownership, protect property values, hold landlords accountable and put vacant properties back into productive use. I’ve been working on these issues for years and am excited to work with stakeholders at all levels as your Council Member to apply best practices, employ solutions that work in other communities and support new legislation that solves problems without undermining our neighborhoods. More than that, I will hold our City government accountable to you and honestly communicate with you about what is working and what is not.

Efficiency and Fairness

From parking tickets to utilities and public services, our City systems can be frustrating, inefficient and sometimes unfair. We need systems that work for residents, not against them. As your Council Member, I will identify the systems in need of improvement and be your advocate for the right solutions. It’s our City and it should work for us.

Safer Streets

Wilmington is facing an epidemic of gun violence. As your Council Member, I will work for an all-hands-on-deck approach to improving public safety, including effective law enforcement based on partnership with residents and more city resources for after-school and summer programs, expanded access to jobs and job training, and better educational opportunities for city youth so they can thrive and achieve their potential.

Local Business Support

Small businesses are the engine of economic growth in our City. Wilmington needs to do more to help small business owners succeed and help neighborhood business districts thrive. As your Council Member, I will work to eliminate policies and practices that unduly burden small businesses and bring together City government, non-profits, and other experts to develop programs and incentives to help small businesses grow. There is so much we can do. Successful models exist around the country for us to replicate here. For example, our policies should ensure that government contracts and tax incentives prioritize local business owners, create jobs for city residents and result in local reinvestment.

Parks Renovation

We are lucky that our neighborhoods have great parks and public spaces, but many of our parks and public spaces are in need of maintenance and renovation. As your Council Member, I will work with you to identify a vision for improvements for each park in the 5th District and leverage the resources of the City to make that vision a reality. In the places that have already begun that work in the form of “Friends of Parks” or other community-based groups, I will be an active partner and help get construction projects started and completed. Our parks and public spaces are important parts of our community. They are where we play with our children, walk our dogs, exercise and come together as a community. Our parks and public spaces should better reflect our values and our neighborhoods.


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